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Support Daraja

Partner with us to increase the DEPTH and BREADTH of TCK Care- Globally!

TCK care is more important than ever. The unique challenges that TCKs face and the incredible gifts that TCKs soak up require specialized care and attention. Daraja is here to provide that support and make sure that TCKs have the opportunity to excel in life. Your contribution can help us continue to provide the resources and programming that TCKs need to succeed. By donating to Daraja, you are making a real difference in the lives of TCKs all around the world. Thank you for your support!

Daraja is registered and fiscally responsible as a 501c3 under Allegro Organizational Solutions.

How to Give

Your giving is tax deductible. To support Michael personally and allow your gift to be used flexibly, use the account designation code 'DARAJA.MKPand when you use our account designation code 'Daraja.001' 100% of your gift goes to supporting MK/TCK care services and programming.


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