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Daraja seeks to increase the quality and breadth of TCK care in the U.S. and globally through collaboration with stakeholders on a local and transnational scale. Our vision is a dynamic network of people and resources that will transform care for TCKs around the world.



At Daraja, we believe that investing in young TCK leaders and caregivers multiplies impact synergistically. 


Daraja serves and advocates for the US and global TCK community through coaching, consulting, educating, and training. Daraja engages TCKs directly through coaching, mentoring, retreat speaking, transition facilitation, and seminar presentations. We support Third Culture parents, caregivers, and member care/HR roles with education, training, and resources.

About Michael Pollock

Michael is a leader in TCK care steeped in over 30 years of educating, coaching, debriefing, and training third culture individuals, families, schools, and organizations. He grew up among multiple U.S. states and Kenya. With his wife, Kristen, he raised three children in China, where he was an international school principal and TCK development leader. In addition to leading Daraja, he also served as Director of Interaction International for almost 3 years and established a hub of international TCK caregivers in 2019 to facilitate global networking. The son of Dr. David Pollock, Michael co-authored Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds (3rd Ed.) with Ruth Van Reken. Michael believes TCKs are poised to powerfully impact the world.

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